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Educational Wren and Kingfisher

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Introducing our Educational Wren and Kingfisher Multipack:

•A set of two 3D pop-up greeting cards, each featuring an intricate and educational design of a Wren and a Kingfisher.

•Perfect for bird enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone who appreciates learning about our feathered friends.

•Crafted with high-quality cardstock and meticulous detailing for lasting keepsakes.

•Uses Kirigami Technique.

•Inside each card: A pull-out notelet for your personalized message.

•Comes with envelopes for each card.

•Card Dimensions: 20 x 15cm.

•Celebrate the beauty of nature and knowledge with this multipack, a delightful way to convey your sentiments and promote the wonders of the natural world

The text reads:

Kingfisher: The Kingfisher is a charismatic bird with many fascinating features and over 90 species worldwide. In England and Wales, and low-lying areas of Scotland the estimated population is 3800 to 6400 breeding pairs.

The adult Common Kingfisher is 16 to 17 cm in length, has a wingspan of 25 cm, weighs 35–40 g and a lifespan of approximately two years. Surprisingly, Kingfisher feathers contain no blue pigment and are actually brown. They appear blue due to how, when light hits them, the structure of the feathers reflect only the blue and violet light back to our eyes.

The Kingfisher’s distinctive in-flight call is a shrill whistle. During courtship, the male chases the female while calling continually. Females are almost identical to males but can be distinguished by their bill colour. Males have all-black bills, while the lower half of the female’s bill is red. Kingfishers are territorial and fights often occur during which one bird will grab the opponent’s beak and try to hold it underwater.

They live along the banks of rivers, lakes, ponds, and canals preferring still or gently flowing water and bankside vegetation. They have a diet of fish, water beetles, freshwater shrimp aquatic insects and tadpoles. When diving into the water, at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour, the kingfisher’s eyes are protected by a translucent third eyelid.

Male and female birds work together to excavate a nest or burrow in soft stone free riverbanks that can be over a meter deep. The birds have toes that are joined together along part of their length, making a useful shovel with which to excavate nesting tunnels.

The nesting tunnel ends in a larger unlined chamber where the female lays her eggs, usually one or two broods between spring and summer. The clutch of 6-7 white eggs hatch in 19 – 20 days and the chicks are ready to leave the nest at about 25 days. Chick mortality is high with often only half the brood surviving. Similarly with adult birds, only a quarter survive from one breeding season to the next with most dying of cold or lack of food, while surging river levels can also flood nests.
They are said to symbolise peace, prosperity, and love.

Wren : The wren is a fascinating bird which has several interesting features.
The Fairy-wren, commonly known as the Blue-wren is one of 88 different species in the Wren family.
It is 14cm long, weighs just 8 – 13g, has a wingspan of
13 – 17cm and a lifespan of 5 to 6 years.
Native to Southern Australia’s forests and grasslands they feed on a diet of insects, seeds, flowers, and fruit.
Despite their small size they have large vocal cords and often sing complex songs in duet form.
Breeding occurs from Spring to late Summer. Their nests are constructed in low-lying shrubs and are made of grass and spiderwebs. Eggs are incubated for 14 days. The chicks are fully feathered by day 10 and remain with the family for a year, feeding and caring for broods.
They are highly social birds, who eat, rest and shelter together.
During breeding season, males will pluck yellow petals and give them to the females as a courtship ritual. When predators are close by, they cover themselves in shrubs with prickly branches for protection and camouflage.

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