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Educational Wren Pop Up Greeting Card

Educational Wren Pop Up Greeting Card

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Introducing our Educational Wren Greeting Card:

Delve into the wonders of nature with our 3D pop-up educational wren card, meticulously crafted using captivating kirigami technique. As you open the card, a lifelike wren emerges, accompanied by fascinating facts about its habitat, diet, and behavior, perfect for young learners and bird enthusiasts alike. This card not only celebrates the beauty of nature but also offers an enriching educational experience for curious minds.

DECORATION - A card and gift combined. It is so much more than a greeting card, each creation doubles up as a fabulous ornament long after the special occasion has passed.

UNIQUE - Are you tired of sending boring cards that are glanced at and thrown away? That will never happen with these little beauties. They adorn the room indefinitely and Your gifting skills will be the talk of the family.

CUSTOMISE - Your card can include a personalised message created especially for your loved one.

NOTELET - The card has a pull-out notelet ready for your heartfelt message.

ENVELOPE - A high-quality envelope is included with the card.

POSTING - The card folds perfectly flat for Convenient posting with a standard large stamp.

CARD DIMENSIONS : 20 x 15 cm

The text reads:
The wren is a fascinating bird which has several interesting features.

The Fairy-wren, commonly known as the Blue-wren is one of 88 different species in the Wren family. It is 14cm long, weighs just 8 – 13g, has a wingspan of 13 – 17cm and a lifespan of 5 to 6 years. Native to Southern Australia’s forests and grasslands they feed on a diet of insects, seeds, flowers, and fruit. Despite their small size they have large vocal cords and often sing complex songs in duet form. Breeding occurs from Spring to late Summer. Their nests are constructed in low-lying shrubs and are made of grass and spiderwebs. Eggs are incubated for 14 days. The chicks are fully feathered by day 10 and remain with the family for a year, feeding and caring for broods. They are highly social birds, who eat, rest and shelter together. During breeding season, males will pluck yellow petals and give them to the females as a courtship ritual. When predators are close by, they cover themselves in shrubs with prickly branches for protection and camouflage.

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Customer Reviews

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Kiley L
An excellent card much appreciated by reci...

An excellent card much appreciated by recipients

Please with this artsy purchase

Please with this artsy purchase

If you want something that lifts the munda...

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seeing is believing
Brilliant 5 star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Absolutely beautiful, recipient was very p...

Absolutely beautiful, recipient was very pleased

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